GEO Frequently Asked Questions

Does GeoLogic provide engineering services?

Although Geo was founded by former consulting scientists, and we provide very specialized services to engineers and geologists, The Company makes NO professional judgments about conditions we observe and report in the field. Geo provides labor and equipment to produce data for engineers and geologists to make scientific judgments.

Does GeoLogic drill water supply wells?

NO, Geo drills holes only in support of earth engineering and construction. Water supply wells are the realm of the Licensed Water Well drillers only.

YES, Geo is a SOM WBA certified Woman Owned Business in all New England states and New York.

Does Geo provide services other than Test Borings?

Geo does perform some excavation in the form of test pits. Additionally Geo also performs some road building in support of it’s drilling services. These are usually used to allow rig access to wetland areas or are switchback roads built to safely access extremely steep hillsides on long test boring alignments.