Low Clearance Drilling

Geotechnical Drilling - Boston South Station

With numerous, full-time, specially designed low clearance rigs in our stable, we perform what may be the largest share of restricted overhead work in the Northeast. Low clearance rigs are useful not only for work inside existing buildings, but for drilling near power lines where overhead restrictions are a way of life. Please see our equipment pages for more specific examples of this important part of our tool box.

GeoLogic recently installed a series of deep grounding cables at electrical substations for a national electrical distribution company, with overhead clearance restrictions between 13 and 30 feet. A specialized, low clearance air-rotary machine was used by Geo to drill 6” diameter holes to 500 ft deep. The rig was configured in such a way that every hole but one was drilled with lines fully energized between 115 and 345 KV, providing over 90% continuous up-time for transmission. Nearby wetland areas were able to be crossed or protected as needed using the GEO-Durabase® Mat system, with siltation controls and a drill fluid containment & recycling unit. In spite of the project being conducted during the coldest recorded weather in over 50 years, the project was completed on time and below budget.

This is just one example of Geo’s low overhead clearance drilling capability. We've completed many linear miles of low overhead alignments under most every imaginable condition. From rocky cliffs to wetlands, from hi-rail setups to building basements, Geo has the experience and equipment to complete low clearance projects safely and properly.

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"Geologic and their representatives perform their work in a very professional manner. In addition their work is completed on time in a well coordinated effort considering the environment, neighbors and client."

- RG, Community Relations Manager National Grid