Geotechnical Drilling Skills at Geologic

Geotechnical Drilling Skiss at Geologic

Do your field people have the level of support that justifies the cost of drilling? Do their drillers have the tools and experience that warrants spending multiple thousands of dollars each day? We do, and we feel confident making that statement. After twenty five years of hard work, Geologic has assembled a team of drilling foremen with the most extensive collection of experience in the Northeastern United States. Many of our senior drilling foremen are second generation drillers, and their talent and ability to understand what is happening in the hole has been learned from the original masters. More importantly, their ability to pass this knowledge on to our younger drillers is a priority at Geo, and makes for a combination unsurpassed in the industry.

Do you need this level of talent every day? There are some programs where this question's answer is less critical. But for most days, drilling in New England soil is a sufficient test that our choice of some overkill is something we're usually pleased to have made. From the clean flowing sands of the Cape's end moraine to the blue clays of the Boston Basin, when the holes get deeper, knowing how to handle more complex situations pays for itself very quickly.

Geotechnical Drilling - Boston South Station

High hydraulic pressures, artesian conditions, difficult recovery bedrock...these are where we thrive. Oriented rock core, the Mennard pressure meter, dilatometers, Shelby tubes in sensitive silty sands for liquefaction analysis, or weighting drilling muds for precise head control. These are a few of the places where, honestly, you want Geologic if you are working in the Northeastern United States. Experience truly turns from important to critical. When these kind of chips are down, you belong with the crews with drilling in their DNA. These are the multigenerational geotechnical drillers that you will only find at Geologic

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Geologic Marine Drilling - HDD Force Main Test Boring Program

Hi-Rail Drilling

Location: Northeast Cooridor Railway, MA
Owner: Amtrak
Engineer: GEI Consultants, Inc.

Test borings performed for slope and bridge stability analysis as well as environmental assessment from various HiRail platforms including drills, Vactors, water tanks and lighting plants for night time operations.

Geologic Night Drilling in Boston MA

Night Shift Drilling

Location: Boston, MA
Engineer: Haley & Aldrich, Inc.

Deep geotechnical instrumentation installation performed during night shift on streets of Boston to allow traffic management. All equipment must be removed by 6:30 am with street plates, a temporary steel cover held in place by the weight of the hanging rods, used to keep the hole ready for the next shift.


“Thanks to the diligence of our field staff and the drilling crew, we finished our field work activities at the Salem site yesterday. To summarize, the work went very smoothly and I want to thank everyone involved. Thanks so much for your attentiveness and flexibility based on the budget constraints for this job.”

- NW, Cambridge, MA