The Cost to Value Proposition in Drilling

Earth Drilling is, by nature, an expensive endeavor. The skilled labor, the expensive, high maintenance equipment and the considerable insurance, bonding and other overhead costs… All these things raise the bar, the entry cost; right at the start of the drilling program…Drilling by its nature is not inexpensive. That is exactly why at Geo, we feel a responsibility to wring every ounce of value out of your drilling dollar. We do not, however, do that in the way that some people might think. Geologic Stacked Trucks in the Customers Favor - The GEODifference

Our idea of bringing you value isn’t always by driving an almost empty supply truck or drill to your site. Nor is it to arrive at your site with the minimal equipment to get the job done under ideal circumstances. If the drill rig is the heart of the work site, the supply truck is its nerve center. When Geo sends a rig to a site it is always accompanied by a well stocked supply truck. We could cut costs by making supply truck travel as light and simple as possible. The supply trucks would be cheaper to field if each one didn’t carry different sizes of casing and many bits, tool retrievers, water tanks and pumps, various sampling devices, hoses, PVC and boxes of the foreman’s favorite tools. Each truck is assigned permanently to a specific drilling foreman so that he knows at any moment not only what he has but where he has it.

Geo Racked Truck Prepared for FieldSo how does this operational concept bring economy to your drilling program? The simple answer is that there is nothing as effective as being prepared for the unknown conditions we encounter every day in the drilling world. Do we always have the answer to every problem we run into during our drilling day? Often, yes, occasionally, not, but by bringing the highest level of drilling experience and equipment to your site, we offer a level of sophistication and expertise that allows us to anticipate many problems before they become significant, and to solve others quickly in the field. When time is money, we work to stack the deck in favor of our clients in every way but buy cutting corners.

At Geo, we think drilling economy is best achieved by practicing limited overkill. We think an empty pickup truck is unlikely to help with delays during most routine drilling field changes; even less so for the occasional problem. That is why our supply trucks are some of the most thoroughly stocked and maintained in the industry. Why not put the best equipped drill fleet in the northeast to work for you today?

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From Theory to Theory

From Theory to Theory in Soli Mechaniccs - Remembering Arthur Casagrande

A Note of Interest for Soil Scientists Remembering Professor Arthur Casagrande

The attached manual preserved in PDF form was donated from the library of Earl Peterson, one of the truly great Geotechnical Drillers of his time. He began as a helper for the once mighty Guild Drilling on their first drill in 1952. He drilled until his retirement in 1987. The manual is written in satirical form and comes to us courtesy of Harvard University.

© Harvard University - Division of Engineering and Applied Physics – Pierce Hall, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

“The Geo Drillers were absolutely wonderful to work with at the job in MT. Vernon, NY. They went above and beyond, even working late into the night just to complete the job. They did a very professional job as far as the drilling and they were incredibly helpful as I was under the weather during the three days we were in NY. I have to say, I think that they are the best Geoprobe Drillers I have ever worked with.”

- PP, Byfield, MA