Difficult Access Drilling

Geotechnical Drilling - Boston South Station

GeoLogic specializes in drilling in areas other companies don’t have the expertise or the equipment to reach. We are known for our ability to work with engineers and other contractors to coordinate resources in a way that spells success on the most complicated projects. The photo above shows one of Geo’s machines drilling deep into the Cambridge Argillite through the passenger platform at Boston’s South Station.

Because of the tremendous traffic loads on the facility as well as the potential liability of fouling a track, all work was performed on weekend shifts only, with all equipment removed from the tracks by 5 am each Monday morning for a duration of about 12 weeks. All platforms were reengineered and specially braced to support excessive cyclic loading by the drilling operations. Special drill casings were cemented through the high voltage transformer rooms in the basement of the station to prevent drill fluids from shorting the station’s transformers. All drilling waste was processed through use of on-site filtration units for maximum productivity. After several months of round the clock weekend work, the project was finished on-budget and ahead of schedule.

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“The Field Team was impressed with your crew. They clearly knew what they were doing, they were quick and helpful to our Geologists.”

- JR, Westford, MA