Wetland Crossing & Sensitive Habitat Work

Geotechnical Drilling - Boston South Station

Test borings, whether environmental or geotechnical are seldom located in a convenient place. Probably because it is easier, some drilling contractors prefer to limit their operations to locations where access is straightforward. At GeoLogic, we prefer to find new ways to work with scientists to allow boreholes to be placed where they are needed.

Through the use of specialty rigs, crane lifts or preparation of temporary roads to reach a hole location, Geo specializes in placing boreholes where they are needed most. All Geo’s machines carry a basic spill kit for immediate response to any release or leak that might occur around heavy equipment.

One example of our commitment to reach the location you need is through use of our Geo-DuraBase® Mat System. Constructed of a composite material and made for easy transportation on a flat bed truck or tractor-trailer combination, the mats lock together to form a structurally rugged yet lightweight platform for work or transportation of equipment over wetlands or otherwise unstable areas. On completion of the project, the Geo Mats can be simply rinsed with water and stacked for return transportation to our storage yard.

For over 25 years, GeoLogic has been supporting drilling programs in Sensitive Habitat and Difficult Access areas. We consistently take pride in our ability to work within or exceed the parameters set by Conservation Commissions to access Wetlands and other Sensitive Habitats. This takes experience, respect for basic regulations by site foremen and a top-down commitment by Geo to attention to detail that results in a well executed exploration program in environmentally sensitive areas.

Arriving well prepared is a first step in handling Sensitive Habitat drilling professionally. This proactive mentality is displayed in the basic equipment we own and routinely mobilize. From our Geo-DuraBase® Matting to the many low ground pressure machines we own and operate, Geo stands apart from our competitors by having made the monetary and workforce training commitment to work with the most modern tools available to safeguard the environment while expediting the drilling program. This is why Geo is trusted by some of the largest companies in the northeast to handle their Sensitive Habitat drilling.

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“Part of the week involved the stabilization/restoration of the access road for borings 10-14.  GeoLogic has been doing an excellent job stabilizing the steep slopes with erosion control blankets, seed, and mulch. The crews have also started making a road from structure 3 to 4. We look forward to working with the Geologic team to complete the gas field survey and investigation in the upcoming weeks.”

- JCS, Clifton Park, NY